Our Story

There is beauty all around us, but the best things are born from the Earth. Inspired by New Zealand and it’s surroundings, Pacific Nature celebrates the best of the Pacific Rim.

Pacific Nature is best known around the world for our high quality Alpaca rugs. These premium, luxury items make a gorgeous addition to any home.

Every piece is handpicked for colour, quality and design. We pride ourselves in consistency in our special products, but also uniqueness and diversity in design. Our beautiful Alpaca rugs are made in Peru.

Explore our products online, but if you want to experience them, visit our New Zealand-wide stockists today.


Why are Pacific Nature Alpaca Wool Duvets better?


  • Made in New Zealand from New Zealand sourced Alpaca Wool.
    • The Alpaca wool is grown on farms in New Zealand. 
    • The alpacas are shawn each year (the alpacas are not killed in the process). 
    • New Zealand farming standards  - the alpacas are treated ethically (compared to other countries). 
  • The alpaca wool is scoured in New Zealand creating our Alpaca fibre for use in our duvets.
    • By being processed in New Zealand we use clean water, environmentally friendly. 
    • New Zealand processing standards and employment regulations.
  • Carbon footprint is smaller. The whole process occurs in New Zealand. 
  • Trustworthy Brand that has great post-sale service