Auskin - Baby Alpaca Rug - Colour Entero 180X210cm

Auskin - Baby Alpaca Rug - Colour Entero 180X210cm

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Alpaca Rug from Auskin. 

Alpaca design rugs are backed in a heavybrocade cotton. With a fine smooth touch, alpaca fleece is made up of uniquely soft, luxurious and silky natural fibers. Natural hues, vibrant colours and designs bring this beautiful material into your home with colour and style.

  •  Seven times warmer than wool due to the composition of the fiber.
  •  Lightweight due to its composition - Alpaca is a smooth, tubular, hollow fiber. Heat trapped in the fiber is what gives it such warmth.
  •  Soft against skin due to the absence of barbs.
  •  Hypoallergenic because it has no skin-irritating lanolin oil.
  •  Durable because it is a natural fiber; also sustainable.