Lambskin Bomber Jacket

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Avoca Baby Lambskin luxury garments are made in New Zealand from only the best New Zealand Baby Lambskins. Our skins are carefully selected, skilfully matched and then handcrafted into a unique New Zealand garment from lambs that have died within a week of birth of natural causes. As the skins are from such a young animal, the natural skin fibres are tightly interlocked to form a very fine lightweight, yet strong and durable material.

  • It takes 30 skins to make a single jacket and 20 skins to make a vest.
  • Weigh less than traditional lambskin garments.
  • Avoca’s 100% natural baby virgin wool forms an ideal insulation against the cold on the inside of our garments.
  • Baby Lambskin garments are soft, supple, lightweight, shower proof.
  • Avoca Baby Lambskin is the best quality and value in NZ and worldwide.