Sheepskin for babies - bowron

Sheepskin for Babies - Bowron

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Sheepskin for babies from Bowron. 

More than a million babies around the world in the last twenty years can thank a young New Zealand mother for her wonderful idea. She had seen long term hospital patients benefit from lying on sheepskin bed pads, and felt that sheepskin might help relieve the pain of her child who was in hospital with a broken thigh.
It worked. The sheepskin gave her child great comfort and from that was born the idea that resulted in today's Babycare lambskins.

The mother then thought that newborn babies might benefit from the security and comfort of a natural wool sleeper. The Bowron researchers, in co-operation with the Wool Research Organisation, began a four year development programme to find the perfect lambskin for babies.
After an extensive testing program with the New Zealand Parents Centres Inc, the Babycare lambskins went on sale in New Zealand and Australia in 1970 and were an instant success. Today Babycare lambskins are sought after by caring mothers all over the world.

Dimensions Length:80 - 95 cm (32 - 37 inches)
Minimum Width:55 cm (22 inches)
Pile Height:40 - 70 mm (1.6 - 2.7 inches)

Made in new Zealand

*A thoughtful gift
*Calms and soothes
*Perfect all year round
*The go-anywhere bed
*Great when you're sitting around
*More time for parents
*Comfort all the way
*The warm play rug
*Easy care

Care instruction
Babycare lambskin require less care than other baby bedding. Just machine wash and dry once a month. A daily airing keeps the lambskin fresh for baby. Small slightly soiled areas can be sponged off.
hand washable
Machine Wash and Dry
Do Not Iron
Do Not Bleach
Professional Dry Clean